Quick-E-Vac - Oil Change System


Imagine complete engine oil and filter change in less than 20 minutes or a complete 250 or 500 hour service including greasing, SOS samples, and inspection ... in about an hour. Whether you perform your own service or have it completed by your dealer, the QuickEvac™ system saves you time and money while increasing machine availability. Fleet pay backs of less than 12 months are typical with ROl’s in excess of 60% per year. Remember, what’s easy to do ... gets done! With the QuickEvac™ system, routine PM’s just can’t get any easier.

Protection from the Start

Lubrication is the lifeblood of a diesel engine, especially today’s high-performance, fast-starting diesels. Dry starts can occur in very cold weather, very hot climates, after prolonged shut downs,or following routine oil changes. And dry starts mean accelerated engine wear, more frequent overhaul, more downtime, and increased maintenance and replacement costs.

Stop the dry start destruction with a system that delivers up to 40 gallons of oil per minute, ensuring full oil pressure from turbo to crankshaft. The system automatically, safely and quickly fills remote-mount filters and all oil passages prior to cranking, every time the engine starts. And if someone forgets to put oil in the engine, the fail-safe (no oil, no start) feature prevents the engine from cranking.

Technicians get a live dip-stick read on fill, no need to start engine to verify fill levels. Independent testing shows that QuickEvac’™s pre-lubrication system reduces engine bearing and ring wear by up to 60% on average under typical start-up conditions. With overnight and weekend shutdowns, pre-lubrication reduces wear by an average of 53%. That’s especially significant for single-shift operations, as well as marine, prime-power and industrial applications.

Environmental Protection

Tougher environmental regulations and heavy fines demand greater care in handling, transferring and proper disposal of oil. The QuickEvac™ system offers fool-proof, spill-proof protection. Leak-free quick couplers with direct drain to final containment eliminate leaks and spills. No need for drain pans or intermediate containers. Purged oil filters have almost no oil to spill or to burn Service Techs. The QuickEvac™ system keeps Service Techs, the workplace and the environment cleaner, and safer.

Quick-E-Vac Oil Change System System
Quick-E-Vac Oil Change System System



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