Safety Access Systems - Power Step

POWER STEP PRODUCT RANGE - Safety Access Systems

SAFETY ACCESS SYSTEMS for major mobile mining & construction equipment:
  1. Folding Retractable Stairways.
  2. Boom/ Parallel Arm elevation Platforms
  3. Fire Emergency Egress Systems
  4. Folding Step Ladders and Stairways
  5. Emergency Egress Steel Rope Ladders.
  6. SUN BLINDS custom made to suit all major mobile mining and construction.
The List of machines already installed includes
  • CATERPILLAR: D11, D10, D9, 773, 777, 785, 789, 793, 992, 994, 854, 690, 16H,16M, 24H, 5230
  • LIEBHERR: 994B, 9350, 996 HITACHI: EX1800, EX1900, EX2500, EX3500, EX3600, EX5500
  • KOMATSU: D375, D475, PC5500, 630E, 730E, 830E, 930E, HD785
  • O&K: RH120, RH170, RH200

Folding Retractable Stairways - Safety Access Systems

Synonomous with Power Step, the Folding Retractable Stair System remains a versatile and durable product specifically designed for large shovels and excavators including leading brands Hitachi, Liebherr, Caterpillar and Komatsu.

  • Incorporating its own power pack with a 24V DC motor and hydraulic pump the Power Step system folds the stair in two for rapid raising and lowering.
  • Audible and visual alarms can be set either inside the operator's cab or at the stairs handrail (or in both).
  • A unique Service Exchange Program provides reassurance and less down time with the complete Access System or power packs eligible for a exchange with a certified repaired unit from Brisbane if required.


Boom/Parallel Elevating Platforms - Safety Access Systems

The Power Step Vehicle Elevating Platform (or Basket) delivers a safe access route to the operators cab from ground level in a fully enclosed basket.

The system provides the operator full control via a switch on the basket handrail, and has its own power pack, which triggers the hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the basket.

The Safety Access System has been designed to suit all makes and models of shovels, excavators and draglines. The same design was also adapted to large tracked dozers.

Boom/Parallel Arm Elevating Platforms

Fire Emergency Egress System - Safety Access Systems

The Emergency Egress Ladder (Fire X System) is located outside the operator’s cab door; so the operator does not have to walk back towards the engine module.

  • The Emergency FireX Ladder is located outside the operator's cab door, preventing the need to walk back towards the potentially hazardous engine module.
  • The platform design provides access to a mechanical ladder the operator can manually push and disengage to climb down safely. Rubber buffers protect the ladder's impact against the machine's paneling.
  • The ladder requires very little maintenance and is not encumbered with any specific procedure to activate the ladder. 
Power Step Emergency FireX System

Folding Step Ladders and Stairways - Safety Access Systems

The Power Step Hydraulic Folding Ladder is a more cost effective alternative to the Folding Stair.

The Safety Access System complies with the Australian Standard AS1657, and provides users the necessary three-point contact when ascending and descending.

The operating principle of the Folding Ladder is much the same as it’s more popular counterpart, the Folding Stair, whereby the hydraulic cylinder is triggered by the power pack to raise and lower the ladder.

Power Step Emergency FireX System

Emergency Egress Steel Rope Ladders - Safety Access Systems

The Egress Rope Ladder is an Emergency Exit System with a universal design that can be installed to any type of machine.

  • The Egress Rope Ladder is made up of a stainless steel enclosure with a stainless steel Rope Ladder stored inside, and can be situated in any location an operator may require it.
  • The length of the ladder can vary to suit the base machine height (7.5M; 10.0M and 12.0M).
  • The ladder is delivered as a complete kit with mounting plates and hardware.
Power Step Emergency FireX System

Sun Blinds - Safety Access Systems

Sun Blinds improve operator comfort and vision; Sun Blinds also improve the cab’s air conditioner efficiency; they protect the vision from the sun’s brilliance; and best of all the Power Step sun blinds can be fitted to all makes and models of equipment. Sun Blinds are available in a range of colours and two types of materials (solid and see through). The sun blind material is held in place by stainless steel guide rails which stop the material from fraying, or flapping freely by the movement of the machine.

Sun Blinds Safety Access System



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